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Baumhower's Chicken Wings


It all started in 1981, when Bob Baumhower, the All-American from the University of Alabama and six time All-Pro for the Miami Dolphins, decided to share his foodie passion with the world and introduce Buffalo-style chicken wings to the state of Alabama. What better place to lay the foundation for the next chapter in life than his old college stomping grounds? Baumhower's first restaurant opened in Tuscaloosa, AL, and the rest is history!

The concept, which first began as a counter service restaurant, grew exponentially over the next seven years into a four-unit chain of full service restaurants ranging from 2,000 - 3,500 square feet. In 1992, the initial prototype restaurant opened in Birmingham, AL. This restaurant was 6,000 sq. feet, featuring an athletic décor and 17 televisions. The plan was to build sales to around $2 million annually; the first years' sales were $2,500,000! Baumhower's hunch about a need for quality food, top-notch service and a unique dining experience in a fun atmosphere was confirmed. Over the next five years, the original four Wings outlets were closed, and five of the new prototype restaurants were developed. With sales continuously exceeding expectations, the concept has gained critical acclaim as one of the best casual restaurants in Alabama.

Fast forward to 2018. Following a name change to Baumhower's Victory Grille in order to embrace the comprehensive and expansive menu featured at each restaurant, there are now ten total locations throughout the state of Alabama. Spanning from the Gulf Coast to the top of the state, Alabama residents have embraced Baumhower's as one of the top dining experiences in the state. From its inception, Baumhower's has been synonymous with sports, fun times and quality food! Baumhower's has always been known for their signature wings, but there's so much more!

It is the constant goal of all Baumhower's locations to have the food to be the best it can be. This is achieved using fresh, local ingredients, creating sauces and other key ingredients, a growing menu that follows the latest food trends and one of the most organized and technologically advanced kitchens in the industry. It is the aspiration of each and every employee to provide the highest quality food, excellent, unrivaled service and an overall enjoyable and pleasant experience for each and every guest.

Bob Baumhower


Professional football player now restaurateur? Find out why Bob Baumhower had to give away chicken wings for FREE!

Baumhower's Victory Grille


To create a winning and successful company through Legendary guest experiences delivered by our Legendary hospitality teams.


  • To select, orientate, train, develop and retain the best hospitality teams in the world to provide great, hospitable service, an exciting and welcoming atmosphere, and to prepare high quality food and beverages for our guests.

  • To create, maintain and continually improve the systems and tools needed to guarantee that our teams are the best in the world and ensure that our guests are happy, satisfied and loyal.

  • To continually improve, grow and evolve our concepts to keep them fresh, exciting, original and profitable for our teams, our guests and Aloha Hospitality International.

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